Sapphire is a main ingredient of many igneous rocks, mostly pegmatites, syenites, and many other basic types; it sometimes occurs in schists and transformed carbonate rocks composed mainly of aluminum oxide, Al2O3) the presence of small amounts of iron and titanium determines its colour which normally runs from a highly pale blue to deep indigo
Sapphire also comes in colourless, orange, green, yellow, gray, brown, pale pink, and violet varieties when the colour is red it is called ruby. A lot of sapphire does not have specific colour, the direction of view affects the colour of most sapphires.


A ruby is a Red colored gemstone, the colour varieties can range from pink to blood red. It’s a variety aluminum oxide also known as Corundum. Other classes of gem-quality aluminum oxide are called sapphires. Ruby is an established core gem that gets its unique colour from the presence of chromium. We at Chembasy international can get you the finest quality available in Nigeria.


Emerald is colored green by trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium it’s a precious stone that is highly sort after and we source for the finest quality across Nigeria. This gem stone known as emerald is a highly included stone. Emerald can be found in more than 8 states in Nigeria.


Amethyst is a purple Quartz, and the most valuable of this type of gem variety. Other quartz gems are Rose Quartz, Citrine and Smoky Quartz. Impurities such as iron gives Amethyst its unique colour it is also known to sometimes be coloured by natural radiation exposure. This are usually found in the Mambila plateau in Nigeria and neighboring countries like the Cameroons.


Topaz is the hardest of any silicate mineral, a mineral combination of aluminum and fluorine its Mohs hardness is 8. Topaz is a beautiful pyramidal crystal; its crystals are usually shaped like prisms. Because of its hardness merged with its transparency and several variations of colours it is widely used in jewelry as finely cut gemstones, which we at Chembasy can supply in its raw state uncut and of the finest quality.


This mineral that is usually found in granite and marble mining sites in Nigeria has an exceptional allure. The Nigerian Tourmaline has both primary and secondary colours, several varieties of colours can be found in Nigeria, in some country’s tourmaline deposits have specific colours or just a few colours of tourmaline deposits but not so in Nigeria where we have an array of colours ranging from pink tourmaline which comes in varying shades of pink e.g. light pink, orange pink, cranberry pink and purplish pink. We also have Green tourmaline in abundance whit colour shades of yellowish green, turquoise green, pastel green, olive green, normal green and dark green. Blue tourmalines are also found in Nigeria having colour shades of deep blue, clear blue, glowing blue to aqua blue.
Tourmaline gemstones from Nigeria are regarded to be dichroic meaning they can display varieties of color when viewed from different angles.


Nigeria has massive deposit of Aquamarine of the highest-grade quality commanding high price in the International market. Aquamarine is a variety of the mineral beryl with colour ranging from green-blue to deep blue. We are Chembasy can easily source for and facilitate the sale of the gems stone in its raw form to any international market.