A showcase of some of our unearthed rough Gemstones, Metallic and non-Metallic solid minerals

We aim at all times, to fully satisfy our clients and stakeholders by creating enduring values in the Sales and Marketing of unearthed rough Gemstones, Metallic and non-Metallic solid minerals for both personal and industrial uses, from the richly endowed bosom of Nigeria.

We are fully licensed by the Ministry of Solid Mineral Development [MSMD] specifically for this purpose and we partner closely with licensed Small Scale Artisans and full scale Miners across the length and breath of Nigeria to attract full and due returns on their investment.

We achieve this by targeting and attracting both local and foreign interests to our products. We have deep footprints in all the geopolitical zones that ensures unfettered access to reliable sources of quality materials and speedy delivery to agreed deadlines with our clients, irrespective of their locations.

Metallic Minerals

E.g Tantalite, Columbite, Lead/Zinc Ore, Zircon sand/Zirconium Oxide, Manganese Ore, Fieldspar, Rutile

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Precious Metals

Gold, Platinum and Silver…

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Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst, Topaz, Tourmaline, Aquamarine, etc,

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